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World of Warcraft Memorial.

About 3 month ago I was a dedicated World of Warcraft player to the degree that I was a raid leader, and a backup for other teams. World of Warcraft was my life. At least my online life. It did not effect me in real life regarding economy so I could still do it full time.
I think I played around 5-10 hours of it per day. Every day! I raided in 1 team and was backup to 2 others.
I did this for just about 1½ year straight. But in the end it became too much. I became weak and stressed out. I did no longer have the desire to do anything in the game. I just logged on to say hi and do random stuff.
So I quit!

Now 3 month down the line I still have no desire to come back but I did enjoy the last 4 years of my life where I have played wow (raided for 2 gamed for 2).

So I decided to share some of the picture from my computer which I saved over the years and put them up here for future savings. (small commentary below pictures for more in depth information.

  • The day everything started. This was my very first WoW char. He's name was Saphyron and he had a very annoying imp called Pipham which in danish means annoy him which is quite fitting.
  • Back in the days there was no Dungeon Finder so for this little Horde group to enter Stormwind Stockade was a great feat.
  • First taken picture of my Beloved Priest, this was my first only max lvl for a very long time.
  • I Finally reached the point in WoW where I could do Heroic Dungeons.
  • My first 10 man ICC raid ever. We ended the raid after Dreamwalker. Such a fun fight for a healer.
  • Illidan you were so fun. First time in Black Temple 2-healing it all the way.
  • Patch 3.0 Just before the release of Cataclysm. Heavy discussion in Danish regarding Spell Power.
  • Finally lvl 85 and first time playing Shadow Priest. I finally understood the Dark Side of the Priesthood.
  • The day I started loving my Hunter and when I learned they were OP MON!
  • Fast forward to the Future and the day I got my second lvl 85.
  • First time in Firelands. Sadly it was only for grinding Reputation.
  • Shortly after I joined the Awesome Dedicated Few which promoted my Raiding Career big time. Thank you guys. Sadly They died later on.(The Guild that is)
  • Good old Powerpoet. A healthy discussion between Cruxzor, Powerpoet and Saphyron.
  • The day I learned Blood DK's was OP in pvp, sadly they got nerfed later.
  • Shortly after I reached my 3rd lvl 85 I decided to solo a Dungeon. It was easy.
  • There is not much about this picture other than I like it a lot! But here is Barathron the Holy Paladin, Powerpoet the Retribution Paladin and Saphi the Blood Deathknight  doing team BG's
  • The day when the good old Hisagi or better known as Ben joined our little gang. Little did he know The Dedicated Few disbanded shortly after.
  • The day finally came The Dedicated Few died. But in its ashes Cruxzor, Powerpoet, Hisagi and Saphyron took it upon their shoulder to rebirth into Fade. This was the day that changed everything!
  • I finally started doing serious pvp. Here you can see Tochiro alt of Hisagi together with Powerpoet and Saphi. The 2's team is Powerpoet and Saphi. Both Poet and Saphi was newbies at that point.
  • One of our few Deathwing kills, this time I solo tanked it and almost beat a dps on dps.
  • The day I got my 4th lvl 85
  • And the 5th
  • The pvp community in a nutshell. Also I got quick Cap finally.
  • Patch 4.0 just before Mist of Pandaria. And the back then Killer Rabbit.
  • Yay I finally got Heroic Raggy Mount.
  • A Heroic Deathwing kill with 2 different Drakes dropping.
  • Cross Server Realm got introduced.
  • A long way from the only 1 char I had in Wrath of the Lich King.
  • Not a sight you see too often?
  • I finally got my 3rd lvl 90.
  • If you ever wanted to know the max Run Speed in the game it is 1000%.
  • My 4th lvl 90.
  • The day where Fade finally got Sha of Fear.
  • You simply have no life when you reach this point. Not seen in picture. I actually have all profession in the game to max lvl.
  • Throne of Thunder finally came out but this World Boss seemed to prove quite a challenge.
  • And lastly a picture of all my chars and the day when I got my 5th lvl 90

Sadly I stopped taking pictures after that due to I did not enjoy it as much so I am going to link below all my chars in the state they ended in when I stopped playing.
Hope you all enjoy this little collection of pictures. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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