fredag den 5. juli 2013

Wasting time

See there is that thing called wasting time and learning ones limits.

So the other day I noticed a homepage named memecenter. From the name one can easily guess its a homepage that promotes humor through meme's.
So I decided to lurk there and god these guys whether it is reposters or original guys, they are FUNNY!
So I decided that I wanted to be a user there and share my humor to the world. Sadly Either I am not funny enough or too many pictures go through every second, I think its a bit of both.
But at the same time I noticed how fun it is to draw. I suck at it yep but it is really fun.

So for whoever reads this (there is a few, can see it under settings) I will now share you my awesome talent (cough cough haha)

Also here is a link to my profile

Any case I found something I like to do

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